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Letting Go

Yesterday, I uploaded the final (final, yes, seriously, final!) version of the manuscript for Order of the Dragonbonded. And much like standing and waving goodbye to a son or daughter as they drive away to college, I cannot help but feel a bit of satisfaction in what has been born, as well as some trepidation in how it will be received.

In truth, this book was finished at the same time that Call (Book 1) was complete. Call and Order are, in my mind, kindred spirits—twins joined at the (book) spine. This is why I had originally planned to release them at the same time. Luckily, better judgment won the day. For those readers of Call who posted their reviews on Goodreads and Amazon—good and bad, you had a hand in my rescripting, clarifying, polishing, and even adding a few more chapters to the story these past few months.

So here I stand at the end of the road, my hand still in the air long after my book has past beyond my sight. I must return to my keyboard now, to prepare the next of its kind slated for the same fate as its two older siblings.

But I trust that it is in good hands. If you find this book lying about, Order of the Dragonbonded, I can only hope you come to love it half as much as I have loved creating it. Just please be sure to remind it to write home occasionally.