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Welcoming in the New Year

As I put the final raps on 2017, and close the book of reflecting on that year—with its boundless supply of successes and failures—I now turn my attention to the road ahead, and my New Year's resolutions. At the top of my resolution list (which might be better called my bucket list!) is completing my current series of four books—The Dragonbonded Return. It is with this focus that I thought I would share my plans with those of you who have completed my first novel (Call of the Dragonbonded) and are wondering what is out on the horizon.

Let me mention here that while I am very pleased with how Book 1 turned out, I am even more excited with Book 2 (Order of the Dragonbonded), and its world-expanding perspective. Even my beta readers agree that Book 2 is packed with more excitement and adventure, is funnier, and yet has some philosophical elements for those so inclined.

Book 2's manuscript was shipped to my editor a few weeks back. That means that by mid-January, my editor and I will begin a few rounds of tug-a-war where we will nail down the final wording for the book. And with a draft of Book 2’s cover now sent to my cover designer, I should easily make the book’s scheduled release date of March 11th.

Next on my plate, for late summer, I will release a novella called Chronicles of Nartesis Shazarack—Father of Necromancy. While this work is intended to be standalone short story, it will also serve as a precursor to the third in The Dragonbonded Return series, called Army of the Dragonbonded. Shazarack's tale will give readers great depth and insight into that book’s antagonist. (Book 1 makes references that dragons were created by a "Shaman God." As you will see, this is expanded further in Book 2. So as an extra teaser, the Shazarack novella will explain in detail how dragons came to be in the world of Gaia. And readers will understand better how this all ties into Book 3's theme.)

Book 3, Army of the Dragonbonded should be completed and released by winter of 2018.

The fourth and final book in The Dragonbonded Return series, along with at least one more novella, will follow in 2019. I will reserve space closer to the release of Book 3 to give more insights of what will come in that final chapter.

Finally, I have already begun work on the story arc for a completely new series of (two-three) books that will tell the story of the original Dragonbonded that lived five hundred years prior to the Return timeline. I will make mention here that while I am writing The Dragonbonded Return series to be Young Adult, the Original Dragonbonded series will likely be written for more mature audiences, though I will not make that decision for some time. (If you have thoughts on this, send me a message!)

If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to send me a message via the Contact page of this website! I will respond when I am able.

Wishing you all a most happy and peaceful year ahead, filled with magic and wonder!

JD Hart