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Chronology of Events

This page offers those interested in wanting a more thorough (another word for gory) understanding of the events during the four ages of New Cronoan history.

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-315 to 0 NC

The Cronoans were a warring tribal empire of seven clans, who ritualistically practiced slavery, barbarism, cannibalism, and human sacrifices. They also developed powerful technologies of destruction which they used for expansion into lands to the south and east of Cronoa, first establishing systems of trade with outside “pagan communities,” and then overrunning these societies to acquire more land and resources.

When their lifestyle could no longer sustain itself, the empire began to collapse. Those who survived (mostly those in the rural regions) used what remained of the southern Gallic Forest to construct massive ships and sailed south across the Antaric Sea, where they resettled in the lands occupied by the Modei, a religious and peaceful collective of nomadic tribes loosely bound by informal laws of peaceful social coexistence.


0 to 297 NC

The Cronoan settlers establish seven new realms, each ruled by surviving members of the seven great clans of Old Cronoa. In an attempt to rectify their ancestors’ wrongs against each other and Gaia, the realms created a pact of peace. The heads of the seven clans formalized their sovereignty by creating the Seven Realms of New Cronoa. A new era was declared, severing all ties with their ancestors and beginning anew to create a better world.

It was during this age that the Modei began teaching the newcomers how to use the four Elemental forces. As their understanding of this form of magic grew, groups organized into Guilds to study these powerful forces.


297 to 453 NC

In 297, Marci Illric, a visionary from one of the cleric guilds (later named as one of the paragons of this age) put forth the theory that people could control two Elementals at the same time to create more powerful spells. Six years later, this was proven by Guildmaster Antorio Bestigee, who fought and trained others on this skill during the Gorgonian War.

Those capable of combining two Elementals soon organized into new groups called Orders, to distinguish their skills as uniquely different from those in the lesser Guilds.

When the crowns of the seven realms discovered that several orders had attempted to break free from their monarchic overlords, the rulers send their Armies of the Seven Realms to subjugate the orders, leading to the longest and bloodiest wars in all of New Cronoan history.

The age ended when the heads of the 23 orders met with the seven monarchs and an Armistice of the Orders was signed, with the monarchies making some important concessions with the orders that would usher in a brief period of peace among the orders and their rulers.


453 to 728 NC

Under the Armistice of the Orders, the 23 previous orders were forced to restructure and combine to fit each of the six advanced fighting styles, and to share knowledge within the new orders in the hopes of filling vital gaps in skills. The lesser Guilds were placed under the guidance of the orders.


728 to 1298 NC

This period covers the time from the splitting of the seven realms to the Harmonics and Anarchics to the time of transformation, brought about by the second coming of the Dragonbonded.