The Dragonbonded Return Series

Book 3: Army of the Dragonbonded

Conner’s secret is out: he is the first human to bond with a dragon in over five hundred years. And with the proclamation that the Dragonbonded have returned, the Harmonic Realms are poised to declare an all-out war on the Anarchic Lands. In the wake of a stunning new revelation, Conner volunteers to go on a dangerous quest, one that holds opportunities to get answers to troubling questions.

Veressa is adapting to her growing ability to use elemental powers. But as a queen preparing to declare war with the Anarchists, she can’t help being distracted by political wrangling and order rivalries. As the meaning of her dream vision becomes clear, she chooses a path that will forever alter the Harmonic way of life.

Both Conner and Veressa struggle to keep their mutual affections in check while they work to build their own futures. Both will soon learn that even when life seems bleak, things can always get darker.

Army of the Dragonbonded is the third book in the four-book Dragonbonded Return series.

Status of "Army of the Dragonbonded"

July 19, 2019: With the outline complete and over 30% of the manuscript text written, I estimate this book will be ready for release in February-March 2020.

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