The Dragonbonded Return Series

Book 2: Order of the Dragonbonded

Being bonded to a peevish adolescent wyvern can be pretty irritating, and Conner Stonefield wants nothing more than to ditch his dragon and get back to a simple life. But he soon discovers that the dragon may be the only one on his side. While human and dragon struggle to find common ground, word reaches both the Harmonic and Anarchic orders of the first human-dragon bonding in over five hundred years, and an urgent race to find the pair begins.

Meanwhile, Princess Veressa finds her bond, but her connection with the animal is stronger than she could have imagined, and the future that’s revealed to her in a vision veers far from the path she is expected to take. When tragedy strikes, Veressa is faced with a host of new responsibilities, and she must find the courage and wisdom to begin making difficult choices.

Unforeseen circumstances force Conner and Veressa to cross paths again—this time resulting in a connection that will prove anything but fleeting.

Order of the Dragonbonded is the second book in the four-book Dragonbonded Return series.

Praise for Order of the Dragonbonded:


“It reminds me of the feelings invoked by McCaffery and Poalini.”

“Great book! I enjoyed it so much that I went back and re-read the first in the series.”

“Suspense, intrigue, magic, defenders of the realm and dragons! What more can you ask for? Looking forward to #3 of the series. Possibility for lots more books from what I have read. Well done JD Hart!”

“Awesome!!! Great story line and characters built perfectly.”

“I loved the fullness of JD Hart's "Harmonic" and "Anarchic" worlds that he created. ... Shamans, warriors, rangers, sorcerers, assassins, magic, necromancers, royalty, a dragon and his bond, they all are woven together in an epic story that keeps you wanting more.”

“I could not find time to do anything but read this one in a day. Thank you for that.”

“Very well-developed characters and settings, well-paced, very well-crafted story. Excellent premise and creative plot. Superbly written and edited...”

“High adventure, excitement, and good clean romance. Loved the book.”