The Dragonbonded Return Series

Book 1: Call of the Dragonbonded

Conner Stonefield is a smart though idealistic sixteen-year-old whose future could not have been brighter. Everything from his life-long vocation to whom he would marry has been planned. So when he receives the Calling and embarks on his trek to find his life-long animal bond, he is far from prepared for the adventure he would have, or the Cosmic "gift" he was about to receive.​

On the other side of the realm, a headstrong Princess Veressa of Griffinrock demands secret training from her prudish yet powerful Ranger protector. She receives the Calling and drags her protector along on one last high adventure.

As the paths of these two sixteen-year-olds begin to intertwine, neither could foresee the desperate struggles before them, nor the heroic journeys they would be expected to undertake.

"Call of the Dragonbonded" is the first in a four-book epic struggle rich with diverse cultures, connections to the natural world, loyalty, camaraderie, philosophy, wit, magic, conspiracies, and murder. 

Praise for “Call of the Dragonbonded”

“… The Call of the Dragonbonded landscape has been meticulously created, beautifully imagined and utterly believable. His created world is infused with sage advice, ancient texts, scrolls, poetry, song and mystical wisdom. … You won't want the series to end!” –KWC, Verified Amazon Purchase

“The author is good at springing surprises and has a well constructed plot. The main character is humble to a fault and has new growing pains thrust on him that he struggles to comprehend.” –G Daniel, Verified Amazon Purchase

“One of the few books I read without speed reading. Absolutely enjoyable.” –Verified Amazon Purchase

“Captivating and a job well done. I am genuinely looking forward to the continuation of this!” – The Savvy Writer, Verified Amazon Purchase

“Five stars is not enough for this book. Superb writing, excellent storyline, and well defined characters. I loved the imagination and creativity to blend different fantasy elements.” – Verified Amazon Purchase

“This was such an unexpected surprise! … It is incredibly well-written and it kept me turning the page well into the night. … The worldbuilding is fantastic. I love the idea of animal bonds! (But really, you had me at dragons.) I love the dark elements and the magic and can't wait to see more of it.” – Angel Haze, Verified Amazon Purchase

“As a lifelong reader of fantasy/science fiction I highly enjoyed this book! The story moves along well and kept me entertained throughout. I was sad to see it end and eager to read the next in line. The exploration of relationships between the human and animal characters is a highlight. This is a great read for both YA and adult reader alike. Highly recommend.” – Verified Amazon Purchase

“What a great start to a series! I truly am happy to have found it.” –Gwen Keen, Verified Amazon Purchase

“Call of the Dragonbonded surpassed our expectations. We literally couldn't put the book down.” –Greendancer, Verified Amazon Purchase

“A great story with great characters and full of action.A well written storyline with a twist with human-animal bonding. Couldnt put it down.” –Angela Osborne, Verified Amazon Purchase