by JD Hart


When the Cosmos bonds a smart, idealistic 16-year-old boy to a peevish, adolescent dragon, the young beneficiaries of this Cosmic gift see themselves as victims, and their story quickly turns flammable.  Hundreds of miles away, a headstrong princess demands secret training from her prudish yet powerful protector.

As the paths of these two intrepid youths begin to intertwine, the delicate balance between two diverse nations—of Shamans and Necromancers, Rangers and Assassins, Warriors and Barbarians, Sorcerers and Warlocks—begins to shift. Hostilities left unresolved for centuries must be set right, no matter the cost, before a war of cataclysmic proportions destroys everything.

This is how it began ... again.

The four-book series is an epic struggle rich with diverse cultures, connections to the natural world, loyalty, camaraderie, philosophy, wit, magic, dragons, conspiracies, and murder.