Flights of Fancy and Fantasy

JD (Jim) Hart’s own fantasy adventure began when, during college, The Hobbit was literally dropped in his lap. With the turn of that book’s first page, he was forever bound to worlds of magic, dragons, and epic adventures. After many years working as a software manager, engineer, and organizational change consultant, he has decided to leave the fast-paced, high-tech world behind. His new adventure is writing imaginary tales that explore humanity’s immense diversity in philosophy, and our connections to each other and to the natural world. Jim lives in North Carolina.

His debut series, Return of the Dragonbonded, introduces readers to the distant lands of the Harmonics and the Anarchists, home to Shamans and Necromancers, Rangers and Assassins, Warriors and Barbarians, Sorcerers and Warlocks—and, of course, those who bond with dragons.